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Here is a preview of  Wolfdogs Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 6.

This issue is filled with some great stories and articles! Check out "Lucian my first Wolfdog" and  "The Inuit Dog of the Far North" Even though this is the last issue of Volume 2 you can still order the entire Volume on the subscribe page.  


In every issue you will find true stories about magnificent wolfdogs and their dedicated owners. The best part about many of the stories is that they are written by the actual owners of these awesome animals!


Our readers are able to get a firsthand look at what real wolfdog owners and their wolfdogs are like. If you are  already a subscriber and a wolfdog owner,


This is everyone’s chance to show the world how great your wolfdogs are. Wolfdogs Magazine has been setup to feature subscriber written contributions in addition to regularly featured articles.  


In addition to great stories about great animals, this issue also features a very insightful article you wont want to miss from Raymond Pierotti PH.D. Its called "All Dogs are Wolves" on page 8.


Wolfdogs Magazine is FULL COLOR and loaded with lots of fun photos. ORDER VOLUME 2 NOW !!!   Don't miss out on a single issue.

Inside This Issue