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Four-Color Ad Rates & Sizes

Wolfdogs Magazine is a great place to advertise your Business, Products, Services, Websites and More !!! Reach customers that are specifically interested in what you have to offer.

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Ads may be submitted on disk or via email.  If by email, files must be compiled into one folder and stuffed or compressed. Ads must be accompanied by a hard copy proof (printout). Wolfdogs Magazine strives to reproduce your ad to industry quality standards.  Advertiser, agency or designer is responsible for the resolution and quality of images, color match, font reproduction and/or typographical errors.

Commercial Ad Submissions

Preferred format is a PDF file (press optimized, CMYK, fonts imbedded).  Alternative formats may include InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop (TIFF) for PC. Should your submitted file require modification to meet ad specifications, it may be subject to production charges. Ad proofs may be submitted as a laser proof.  However,

a color printout from a non-calibrated computer is not accurate or representative of print quality.  For a true color match, four-color ad proofs must be digital color proofs, contract quality such as Sherpa or Kodak.

Wolfdogs Magazine cannot guarantee a color match.  All images must be created using CMYK. For inquiries or to submit ads by email click here

All ads in this publication are void where prohibited by law.  All transactions are between buyer and seller.  All buyers and sellers must have proper licenses and permits for all animals offered for sale or sold.  WDM does not necessarily endorse or guarantee the terms of any ad or advertiser and WDM reserves the right to edit or reject any subscription ads. Only WDM subscribers may place ads for their kennels.  All ads must contain the name of the business or individual advertising.  To submit your ad click here                                 Attach a word document with full resolution images (If Applicable) and send . Be sure to include your name and phone number. Once your ad is approved the editor will reply or call you with payment instructions. If you have any questions please click the same buttton for inquiries.

Non Commercial Ads

Non-Commercial Ad Submissions

Commercial Ads